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For over 25 years, we have been a part of the Aspinwall community, a suburb of Pittsburgh.  Even though our gym is small, and we have been tempted to move to find a bigger space, we enjoy this borough too much to leave!

We do not strive to produce the next Olympians.  Our goal is to give kids confidence through fun and hard work.  We want them to experience the thrill of mastering a new skill after weeks or months of practice.  We love to see them overcome physical and mental barriers to achieve their goals.  We love for them to have the confidence to try new things, because they understand how their muscles work.

Like many of you during the Covid shutdown, we had time to reflect and reevaluate.  It was during this time that we decided to discontinue our USAG competitive team.  The competitive structure has become very arduous for our small gym, and doesn't fully align with our beliefs.  We want our gymnasts to have time for other sports and activities as well.  Our competitive team now works out fewer hours per week than before, and has intra-squad competitions in our gym.


Tumblekids classes are preschool gymnastics classes specially designed for ages 3-5.  Class sizes are small (around 6 children) and accommodate the coordination abilities and attention spans of this age group.  Basic gymnastics skills are learned, along with fine and gross motor skills, rhythm, coordination , flexibility and strength.

Gymnastics Classes

Our gymnastics classes are designed for ages 6-18.  We have various levels depending on ability and sometimes age.

Beginner:  If you're new to the sport, this is where you should start!

Intermediate:  This is for kids who have mastered the beginner skills, or for students who have had some acro classes and students who are older than the typical beginners.

Advanced:  These classes are for students who can do the intermediate skills, and are looking for a challenge, or to one day do competitive gymnastics.

Pre-Team and Competitive Team

Our Pre-Team and Competitive Team are by invitation only.  These teams are for more serious gymnasts who are interested in competition.  The number of hours per week depends on the competitive level, but gymnasts can expect to practice two to three times per week for several hours each practice.  Pre-Team and Team are full year commitments.  



Our gym may be small, but we make the most out of the space available!  We have competition apparatus for all women's events.  We also have other training equipment for a wide range of ages and abilities.


  • Carpet bonded foam spring floor

  • Vault horse

  • Three high balance beams

  • Two sets of uneven parallel bars

  • Three low balance beams

  • Single rail bar

  • Junior bar

  • Floor bar

  • 20' Tumbl Trak trampoline

  • Rectangular bed trampoline

  • Mini trampoline

  • Spring boards

  • Incline wedge mats

  • Developmental vault mat system

  • Above ground pit mats

  • Landing mats and panel mats

  • Strap bar

  • Wall bar

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