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Fall Schedule
September 7th - November 21st


Simple Maple Leaves

Monday       5:00-5:55     Intermediate  

                       5:30-8:30     Team

Tuesday      9:15-10:00   Tumblekids

                       4:30-5:25     Beginner

                       5:30-6:15      Tumblekids  

                       6:15-7:00      Tumblekids

                       7:00-8:30     Advanced

Wednesday    4:30-5:25     Beginner  

                       5:30-8:30     Team

Thursday   *10:30-11:15   Gymtots (3 and under w/ caregiver)

                       4:30-5:15     Tumblekids  

                       5:15-6:00      Tumblekids

                       6:00-6:55      Beginner  

                       7:00-7:55     Intermediate

Friday         4:30-5:15   Tumblekids

                      5:20-6:15    Beginner

                      6:20-7:15    Intermediate     


Saturday    9:00-9:45  Tumblekids

                      10:00-10:55  Beginner/Intermediate  

                      11:00-12:30   Advanced

                      12:00-3:00     Team

This will be a nine-week session, with a fall break in mid-October.


Our year begins with the school year.  The annual registration fee will be included with the tuition.  If you sign up for another session in the upcoming year, you will NOT need to pay this fee again.

Tumblekids: $165 (includes annual registration fee)

Beginner and Intermediate: $185 (includes annual registration fee)

Advanced: $210 (includes annual registration fee)

Gymtots: $10 per class (includes adult)

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