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Winter Session schedule

January 18th - 
March 20th
* THE ANNUAL  $30 REGISTRATION FEE WILL BE OWED ONLY IF YOU DID NOT ATTEND THE FALL SESSION.  If you come for another session this school year, you will not have to pay the registration fee again.

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Monday      5:00-5:55     Intermediate  

                       5:30-8:30     Team

Tuesday     9:15-10:00   Tumblekids

                                   4:30-5:25     Beginner

                       5:30-6:15     Tumblekids

                       6:15-7:00     Tumblekids 

                       7:00-8:30     Advanced

Wednesday    4:30-5:25     Beginner

                       5:30-8:30     Team

Thursday     10:30-11:15   Gymtots  

                      4:30-5:15     Tumblekids

                      5:15-6:00     Tumblekids 

                      6:00-6:55     Beginner  

                      7:00-7:55     Intermediate

Friday         4:30-5:15   Tumblekids

                     5:20-6:15   Beginner

                     6:20-7:15    Intermediate  


Saturday       9:00-9:45    Tumblekids

                      10:00-10:55  Beginner/Intermediate  

                      11:00-12:30  Advanced

                      12:00-3:00     Team

Session Prices : 


$135 per child for Tumblekids

$155 per child for 55-minute classes

$180 per child for advanced classes. 


This price DOES NOT include the annual registration fee.  If you attended the Fall Session, you will NOT need to pay this fee again.


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